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Our NABulous Gel Primer Refills is the second step. (Step 2): Primer 15ML | 250ml Acid Free Gel Primer.  Our NABulous Gel Primer comes in Bulk Buy Refill Bottles which Refill the small 15ml 16 times. This is a great option for Nail Studio, Nail Technicians and Nail Salon Owners looking to save money on Large quantities or look to buy in Bulk for large discounts. The Acid Free Gel Primer will ensure a long lasting wear for any set of soft gel nail extensions that clients will love. After applying the pH Bonder, our NAbulous Gel Primer allows for better adhesion to the soft gel tip, Gel Manicure, Acrylics. The Acid Free Gel Primer is great on natural nails to prevent the damage to the nails. Formulated with Calcium to help your natural nails grow healthy. Works with all brands and all nail types. Formulated to be acid-free, preventing any soreness or sensitivity that is commonly associated with acid based primers. It cleanses dehydrates natural nails for nail enhancement.  

Gel Primer 15ml or Gel Primer (250ml, 8oz) Refills 

Step 2: Primer

Gel Primer works great on all nail types and all Brands: Acrylic, Gel, Dipping, Soft Gel Nails. Natural Nails, Gel Manicures and more. Works with all Brands. 

Do you own a salon? Rent a booth? Looking to Save a ton of money? This 1 time purchase will last you all year long. 

250ML/8oz Refill Bottles Refills the 15ML x 16 Times. Huge Savings Refill for our Primer for all types of Nails.

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