PH Bonder- NABulous



Our NABulous pH Bonder is Step 1 to the Gel Nail Soak Off System. After you prep the natural nails, you apply the pH bonder which dehydrates the nail, removing any oils or residue that ensures a long lasting Soft gel Nail set. Our NABulous pH Bonder works great for the soft gel 4 step system however highly recommended for Gel manicures or acrylic nail services.

pH Bonder 15ml or pH Bonder (250ml, 8oz) Refills 

Step 1:pH Bonder 

pH Bonder works great on all nail types: Acrylic, Gel, Dipping, Soft Gel Nails. Works with all Brands. 

Do you own a salon? Rent a booth? Looking to Save a ton of money? This 1 time purchase will last you all year long. 

250ML/8oz Refill Bottles for 4 Step System. 15ML x 16 Times. Huge Savings Refill for our pH Bonder. 

Step 1: PH Bonder 15ML | 250ml PH Bonder is Step 1 of the Soft Gel Nail Extension System. Apply the PH Bonder after you prep the nails. The PH Bonder dehydrates the nail, removing oils & residue to give your clients that long lasting effect. The pH Bonder is step 1 of the soft gel application system. Get yours today.