NABulous Soft Gel Tip Kit (SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, XL) Stiletto, Square, Almond, Coffin


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NABulous Soft Gel Kit comes with your choice of Tips (Choice of Coffin, Stiletto, or Square in short, medium, Long, XL) Plus

Comes with 4 Step Soft Gel System: Plus Choice of Nail Tips


Step 1: PH Bonder

Step 2: Primer

Step 3: Extend Gel

Step 4: No Wipe Top Coat

STEP 1: 15MLThe PH Bonder is Step 1 of the Soft Gel Nail Extension System. Apply the PH Bonder after you prep the nails. The PH Bonder  dehydrates the nail, removing oils & residue to give your clients that long lasting effect. The pH Bonder is step 1 of the soft gel application system. Get yours today. 

STEP 2: 15ML Non-Acidic Gel Primer is Step 2 in the soft gel Process. The Non-Acidic Gel Primer will ensure a long lasting wear for any set of soft gel nail extensions that clients will love. After applying the pH Bonder, our Non-Acidic Gel Primer allows for better adhesion to the soft gel tip. Formulated to be acid-free, preventing any soreness or sensitivity that is commonly associated with acid based primers. It cleanses and dehydrates natural nails for nail enhancement application and Removes oil on natural nail surface that can cause extensions to lift! 

STEP 3: 15ML Extend Gel Soak Off is the 3rd step of the soft gel system. The Extend Gel Soak Off is a Soft gel formula used to help adhere our NABulous Soft Gel Nail extensions onto the natural nail.

STEP 4: 15ML No Wipe Diamond Top Coat is step 4 of the process. Our Long Lasting No Wipe Top Coat has extremely High shine very glossy top coat that doesn’t turn yellow or chip. Our Non wipe Top Gel coat prevents peeling, chipping, or discoloration of your gel polish for a result that can last over 4 plus weeks.

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