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Dual Eyelash Glue Lash Supplies| NABulous Eyelash Extension Adhesive + Lash Sealant| Extreme Strong Hold | Long Retention | Reduce Lash Fall Out | Lash Adhesive with Bonus Sealant for Lash Extensions


if your a Lash Technician experiencing issues with lash fallout or experiencing unhappy clients due to lash fall out in the first 24-72 hours? Our dual Lash adhesive + NABULOUS sealant perfect fit to help grow your Lash business to keep your clients coming back loving their Lashes. Extreme strong lash glue for all lash types. Individual Eyelash Extension Lash Adhesive for Professional Lash Extensions best lash extension supplies

INCREASE RETENTION | ATTENTION LASH TECHNICIAN | 💎 POSITIVE RESULTS Are your clients complaining about loosing lashes in the first 24-48 hours? Are your clients upset they keep coming back for touchups waisting their time? Professional Lash artist love this glue no more loosing lashes leaving your clients frustrated. The results of this glue minimize the fall out keep your clients happy for the long retention they deserve for lash glue for eyelash extensions.

TIME & MONEY LASH LOSS | Are you spending extra time and extra days trying to fix your clients lashes due to fallout? Are you spending more money on lashes replacing all the lashes that fall out? Are you battling with clients complaining about their lashes not lasting? The NABULOUS Double Dual is a must have for all lash artist. NABulous Dual Package is perfect for you. Your clients will love the long retention times and long hold on there individual eyelash Extensions.

BUSINESS GROWTH | MAXIMIZE CLIENT RETENTION is your Lash business at a stand still until you overcome the short retention times? Are you looking for a product that gives your clients the maximum retention? Getting the NABULOUS Double Dual Combo Package is exactly what you need to take your Lash business to the next level to have for eyelash extensions supplies. Eyelash Adhesive Black/Eyelash glue black for Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions.

INCREASE RETENTION | EXTREME STRENGTH This advanced formula of eyelash extension glue and the NABulous Lash Sealant has an extra-long life span and extreme retention for all individual eyelash extensions. Individual Eyelash extensions will last from 6-7 weeks, making this glue the strongest bonding and longest retention. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists and combined with our NABulous Lash Sealant your clients lashes are set to last 8+ weeks.

💎 SUPER STRONG HOLD EYELASH ADHESIVE, LASH GLUE, Individual Eyelash Extension Lash Adhesive for Professional Lash Extensions best lash extension supplies on the market for lash glue for eyelash extensions. Lash Dual Package comes with 5ml individual lash glue plus 10ml clear eyelash sealant for false lashes. 

💎 SIZE: Our 5ml individual Lash Adhesive is the perfect size for eyelash adhesive with long retention eyelash. Professional Lash Artist love the extra strong evolution eyelash extension glue along with the lash bond and seal for the perfect eyelash extension glue that provides strong eyelash extension glue for professional beauty lash artist a extra strong eyelash extension glue all lash artist need.

💎 LONG RETENTION Time 7-8 Weeks Retention Black Professional Eyelash Extension Adhesive (black eyelash glue is the perfect eyelash glue duo with strong eyelash extension glue sealer combined. The best lash dual on the market for false eyelash glue for lash artist.

💎 MAXIMUM STRENGTH Used by top Professional Lash artist to create long retention times clients love. The NABulous Eyelash Glue Duo is the best eyelash glue for lash extensions for extreme long retention times. This is a must have for eyelash extension supplies for professional lash artist.

💎 USE Great for Classic Lashes, Mixed or Hybrid Lashes great retention on Volume, Mega Volume Lash extensions. 1-2 Sec Drying. Perfect volume lash extension glue a individual eyelash glue all lash professionals need.

💎 EXCELLENT For Volume Lash Extensions for Long Retention Times. Eyelash glue for professional lash extensions. Long retention eyelash extension glue, elite eyelash extension glue, volume eyelash extension glue, strong eyelash extension glue, Volume glue strong eyelash extension glue, envy super strong hold eyelash adhesive Our Adhesive is meant for Salon use only. Glue is not intended for Self- Application or with clusters or strip lashes. Professional use only.