NABulous Card Grabber KEYCHAIN ATM Card Clip

Card Grabber for Long Nails, Card Puller for Long Nails, Atm Card clip for Long Nails, Keychain Wallet for Women, Card Clip for Long Nails, Debit Card Grabber for Long Nails, Keychain Wallet

Do you have Long Nails or had your card stuck at the ATM machine or gas pump? This is a girls best friend and a must have!  Stop breaking or damaging your nails and loosing your precious Rhinestones. Buy your new card grabber today. 

Card Grabber comes with 2 special bonus: Pom Pom and Gift Bag Packaging plus Premium Quality 2nd generation silicone grabber with 7 stylish trends!

Girls Best Friend every girl needs a Card Puller Keychain, Debit Card clip. 

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